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Important! You can use the online builder, but the builder itself is not included. And it is NOT a WordPress plugin.

The official quickquiz url have changed. If you have any problem accessing the documentation or the builder, you can access it through the menu on this page

For personal reasons the development of new features is stalled. See the changelog for previous updates at the bottom.

QuickQuiz is a simple and powerful test and/or survey creator which resulting product can be published in an HTML page (it is NOT a WordPress plugin).

Here are some of its most outstanding features:

  • Ten types of questions: single answer, multiple answer, sequence, pairing, long answer, short answer, scales, rating, matrix with radio buttons and matrix with rating.
  • Different answer formats depending on the type of question: buttons, checkboxes, radio, select, sliders…
  • Several display options: Number of buttons per row, aside or background images, main color, etc.
  • Pages. We can create the entire quiz in either one or several pages, selecting the number of questions in each one.
  • Video and audio. We can create a page with video or audio with questions displayed at certain times of the playback. This option only works properly in the latest browsers and is powered by Videogular library.
  • Several types of quizzes. The quiz can be exam, self-assessment, survey, weighted or personality quiz.
  • Final message and/or feedback. We can display different messages or images on the final page depending on the number of points, the percentage of right answers, etc. We can also show messages that can be displayed next to the question in relation to the user’s answers.
  • Database The results can be sent to a MySQL database.
  • Online builder. The final quiz is generated from two JSON files, one for general settings and the other for the questions that make up the test. This package includes access to a builder to make easier the creation of the JSON files. You can see the builder in the screenshots. Here you can see the builder in action.
  • English and Spanish documentation, where you can see all the features available.

QuickQuiz is an application built with AngularJS 1.4 and Material Design.

How the application works

The package contains several folders with the files it needs to run: HTML, CSS, JS. Also needs two JSON files, one with the general configuration, and the other one with the quiz.

This package also contains some examples, so you can use and modify those JSON files directly from the examples to create your own quiz. However, the easiest way to create your very own JSON files is to use the online builder, which you can access if you buy a license.

The builder is only used to facilitate the development of the JSON files, and is not included in the item. The item contains all JS, CSS and HTML files required to display and process the quizzes files. If you do several similar quizzes, you will only need to use the builder the first time, then you can modify the JSON directly if you want, without the builder. The builder has no other function nor is related to the execution or visualization of the quiz. It is only an aid.

You can publish the final quiz on any web server. You can also include the quiz within another web page, while having access to all HTML, CSS, JS and JSON files it needs to work.

Type of quizzes available

  • Graded: At least one of the questions have answers type right / wrong and you want to automatically correct it.

    Click here to see an example of a graded quiz.

  • Weighted: The answers are not right or wrong, but each answer choice has a different value that will be added to obtain the final score.

    Click here to see an example of a weighted quiz.

  • Personality: Personality quiz (BuzzFeed style). In these quizzes we have to add the possible personalities or categories as final outcome, and each user answer will rate in one category or another. The end result is the personality or category that has scored more points. In case of a tie the first of the winning personality will be shown as the winner.

    Click here to see an example of a personality quiz. Click here to learn how to create this quiz from scratch.

  • Survey: Select survey if you will not make any automatic evaluation. In this type of quiz we generally send the results to a database and manually evaluate the answers given.

    Click here to see an example of a survey quiz.


QuickQuiz - 1
QuickQuiz - 2
QuickQuiz - 3


v1.3.5 – 2016/08/16

  • Bug fixes and improvements:
    • Improvements in feedback on the score page
    • Fixed bug on the button to download the code in the builder in firefox
    • Fixed bug loading the css for video and audio

v1.3.4 ? 2016/07/21

  • For personality quizzes, option to send the winning personality and frequency to the database

v1.3.3 – 2016/07/06

  • Don't reset the quiz after submit the data if you send the user to the score page

v1.3.2 – 2016/06/30

  • New features:
    • You can choose to display the form on the last page, in addition to the home or the score
  • Bug fixes:
    • Improvements showing errors in the form (name and email)
    • Fixed a little bug with the redirection after submit the quiz for Firefox and Safari.

v1.3.1 – 2016/21/06

  • Fixed a litlle bug with the "redo" button for Firefox and Safari.

v1.3.0 – 2016/06/16

  • New features:
    • Weighted quiz (different points for each choice) available with single answer, multiple answer, matrix, likert scale and rating questions
    • BuzzFeed-style quizzes (personality quizzes) available with multiple choice questions (single answer and multiple answers)
    • Social share (twitter, facebook, linkedin and google+)
    • Show custom images on the score page regarding the points scored
    • Optional automatic advance
    • Option to run the quiz without web server (but not recommended). See the Publication section in the documentation.
    • Option to save the current users' answers in their local storage so they can continue their quiz in other moment.
    • Option to refresh the browser on page changes
    • Option to show the aside images of the questions also in the score
    • New feedback options: We can add a custom text for each solution on the score page
    • Optional button to redo the quiz
  • Bug fixes and improvements:
    • Some basic HTML tags for questions statements and choices are now allowed, like strong, em, h1, p, br, sup, code, etc.
    • Reset the quiz after submit the data
    • Added a custom div example regarding the points scored on the score page
    • Fixed error in the media player for audio files
    • Fixed error showing images for matching pairs questions in the score page
    • Fixed error with timer
    • Fixed error in the showMySQL.php file
    • Some minor fixes

v1.2.1 – 2016/02/24

  • Fixed a bug with the "finish" button.

v1.2.0 – 2016/02/18

  • New features:
    • Send to MySQL Database
  • Bug fixes:
    • Show solution for unanswered matrix questions in the score page
    • Prevent send twice to database
    • Some minor fixes

v1.1.1B – 2016/01/11-12

  • Bug fix: I forgot attach the new zip file in my previous update!

v1.1.1 – 2016/01/10

  • Bug fix: I forgot to include the updated quickquiz.js in the previous update, sorry!

v1.1.0 – 2016/01/09

  • New features
    • New questions: matrix with radio buttons and matrix with rating
    • Required questions: optional alerts and required by question
    • "Other" option for no graded multiple choice questions (single and multiple answer)
    • Optional random for choices and rows within a question
    • Border colors for matching pairs
    • Optional autoplay for video quizzes
    • Aside images can be displayed in a popup
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed some problems with the long answer textarea autogrow

v1.0.1 – 2015/11/17

  • Bug fixes: Fixed some problems with youtube plugin

v1.0.0 – 2015/11/14

  • Initial release