Free P2P Video Conferencing with Screen Sharing, No Software Required
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Free P2P Video Conferencing with Screen Sharing, No Software Required

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This article covers a tool for free P2P video conferencing with screen sharing, no software required. During this quarantine period, almost every possible physical meetup has moved to a virtual meetup. But not all people out there have an understanding of how video conferencing works. On top of that, most of the popular tools for that have some sort of learning curve to them.

Video Meeting by Ring4 offers a dead-simple way to do video conferencing. There is no learning curve at all except for opening the website in a web browser. From the website, you can start a video conferencing right away, there is no need to create an account or signup with any social account. It instantly starts the video conferencing and gives you a link to it that you can send to others and ask to join.

Free P2P Video Conferencing with Screen Sharing, No Software Required

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Free P2P Video Conferencing with Screen Sharing

Ring4 offers a modern phone system in could which is a paid service. Along with that, it also offers a free plan where you get the video meeting tool. This is a no signup plan that means you can use it on the landing page without creating a Ring4 account. The landing page shows you the feature of video meeting tool which includes video and voice calls along with screen sharing.

Free Peer to Peer No Sign-up Video Conferencing with Screen Share

You get an easily distinguishable button on the landing page to start the meeting. Clicking on that button instantly takes you to the video conferencing inferring and asks fro camera and microphone permissions. When you allow the permissions, it shows your video feed on the screen. Left to the video feed, you get a link to the conference. Send that link to the people whom you want to join the meeting. All they have to do is open the link to join the meeting.

Along with the link, you also get links to the Play Store and App Store. Those links lead you to the Ring4 app on the respective platform. If someone is on the phone, they can use the app to attend video conferencing.

The interface of the meeting is also simple. It shows the video feed of all the participants on the screen. Unlike any popular competitors, there are not many options except for the toggle camera and microphone. Once you are connected, it adds options to share the screen and discount the call.

Closing Words

This video concerning Ring4 is a decent alternative to popular but confusing video calling platforms like Zoom, Skype, etc. Many people do not need such advanced feature which those tools offer instead they need a deal simple too to talk to others. In that case, this video meeting tool fits just right in. Give this a try yourself and share your thoughts with us in the comments.