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dFlip is an easy yet powerful 3D HTML5 flipbook jQuery plugin. Powered by Mozilla’s PDF.js library dFlip jQuery flipbook plugin can create amazing PDF flipbook, just with a PDF link. On top of that, using THREE.js and modern WebGL technology, you get a realistic 3D flipbook right-away with PDF or images. Also, if there is no WebGL support available in the browser or you want rather normal flipbook, dFlip will create capable HTML5 flipbook with just CSS with realistic 2D flip actions. So, in short you have pretty much covered be it – PDF flipbook, 3D flipbook, image flipbook, HTML5 flipbook; all in one plugin. WordPress Version is also available as WordPress Flipbook Plugin.

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Easy to use PDF Flipbook jQuery Plugin:

PDFs are easy to handle documents. But, presenting them plays a crucial role on how the customer will interact and behave to the document. With our jQuery flipbook plugin, you bring your flat PDF to life as realistic PDF flipbook. Our plugin supports all the PDF outlines, hyperlinks available in the PDF as default. Despite being a jQuery Plugin you can create basic PDF Flipbook with mere HTML.dFlip PDF FlipBook jQuery Plugin - 1

Realistic 3D Flipbook to engage your readers:

Presentation is crucial when displaying content to your readers. The way content is presented matters in customer engagement. Our HTML5 Flipbook jQuery plugin creates amazing 3D experience engages user to flip through the books and dive deep in the content along with the 3D Flipbook effect. We encourage our customers to create their content bold and easy to read and less clutter so that the required information is passed to the customer easily with readers little effort.

  • Smart CSS Fallback in case the browser doesn’t support WebGL and and can’t creates 3D flipbook – then a HTML5 jQuery flipbook with CSS is created. This resolves areas such as older iOS devices which lack proper WebGL  support.
  • Smart Rendering is crucial and integral to dFlip. WebGL is resource hungry technology and requires continuous rendering. But dFlip has adopted a smart rending technique so that only the required timing are rendered and the user will get uninterrupted 3D Flipbook effect with less system resources.

dFlip PDF FlipBook jQuery Plugin - 2


From inbuilt modern PDF support to traditional Photo flipbook; we got it covered for you. Create PDF flipbook or Photo Flipbook as you need.
PDFs work without conversion, making dFlip one of the most easy PDF flipbook plugin in market.


Not just looks, we got ample of examples for you to get started. From as easy as HTML syntax to advanced & powerful jQuery usage, explained in detail. Over a dozen of examples and demos awaiting you.


What doesn’t look good when in focus with lightbox. Launch lightboxes with thumbnail setups, button and even custom setup. Versatile layout at your disposal.


Responsive HTML5 Flipbook

The jQuery flipbook Adjusts to any device and create a seamless flipbook experience. Single Page mode in mobiles makes it touch friendly with swipe gestures.


Many jQuery flipbook customization options

Create your own customization as per your need. Translate and change text as per you language. Position the controls according to our need. Flipbook jQuery plugin supports many customization option that you can use as per your need. See the whole possible option list with documentation.



  • PDF download
  • Multilevel zoom
  • Photo flipbook hot-spots
  • RTL Support
  • Cross origin support
  • Cloudfare Compatible
  • Require-js Support



The Image files and PDFs used in preview demo are not included in the download.

Additions Used(included):
Mockup Studio Libs
following commercially free libraries were used to create the plugin.
Themify Icons


Change Log

    09/06/2018 - Version 1.4.3
    [Improvement]: https mode is auto-detected when migrating from http
    [Fixed]: Booklet mode in mobile reverse flips were not clearing old images
    [Fixed]: PaddingLeft and PaddingRight fixes

    01/05/2018 - Version 1.4.2
    [New Feature]: OpenPage parameter
    [Improvement]: compatibility for php 5.2
    [Improvement]: Category Limit fix
    [Improvement]: Autodetection of code location
    [Improvement]: Require.js compaitibilty
    [Improvement]: PDF.JS update
    [Improvement]: Thumb sync

    23/11/2017 - Version 1.3.3
    [New Feature]: Categories for WordPress
    [New Feature]: New Short-code to support multiple books
    [New Feature]: Range Size option added
    [Improvement]: Smooth animated zoom
    [Improvement]: Video Tutorials and easy shortcode in post screen
    [Improvement]: CMAPs added in options
    [Improvement]: canvas mode added in options
    [Improvement]: morecontrols options is added
    [Improvement]: autoplay options is added
    [Improvement]: compatibility for php 5.3
    [Fixed]: IE10 compaitibility
    [Fixed]: Line-height was overridden in some themes
    [Fixed]: Thumb animation removed in safari

    9/06/2017 - Version 1.2.8
    [New Feature]: Pinch To Zoom
    [New Feature]: PDF annotation icons support
    [New Feature]: WebGL shadow option
    [New Feature]: Annotation class option
    [Improvement]: Clear text in mobile
    [Improvement]: Close button for thumbnail and outline
    [Improvement]: Added mail and google plus share
    [Improvement]: Support loading scripts when there are no script tags available
    [Improvement]: Organized maincontrols order
    [Improvement]: PDF.js Update
    [Improvement]: THREE.js update
    [Improvement]: Double size images support
    [Improvement]: Webkit CSS support
    [Fixed]: Center Align Issue in mobile
    [Fixed]: Safari Fixes
    [Fixed]: ESC button for full-screen resolved
    [Fixed]: Page blur due to size miscalculation
    [Fixed]: Missing Outline icon from font-awesome
    [Fixed]: __extends() function is not isolated
    [Fixed]: RTL booklet update

    25/01/2017 - Version 1.2.7
    [New Feature]: Booklet mode option added in single page
    [New Feature]: Auto enable thumbnails
    [New Feature]: Zoom ratio option
    [New Feature]: Force fit pages option
    [Improvement]: Smooth animated zoom
    [Improvement]: Smooth loading updates

    19/11/2016 - Version 1.2.6
    [New Feature]: Deep Linking
    [New Feature]: Share Option
    [Improvement]: Multiple size PDF Flipbook support
    [Improvement]: FullScreen support for IE and browsers in IOS

    03/10/2016 - Version 1.2.4
    [New Feature]: Custom Controls postioning
    [Improvement]: HTML Method for Flipbook creation
    [Improvement]: Loading Info
    [Improvement]: Compatibility with old and new jQuery
    [Improvement]: require.js and cloudfare compatibility
    [Fixed]: Keyboard pagenumber issues in IE

    18/08/2016 - Version 1.2
    [New Feature]: Translate
    [New Feature]: Swipe gestures
    [Improvement]: Realistic turn effect in CSS Flipbook
    [Improvement]: Multi-stage zoom
    [Improvement]: New clean layout
    [Improvement]: Optimized 3D WebGL mode
    [Fixed]: Compatibility issues for IE 10, IE11

    16/06/2016 - Version 1.1.3
    [Improvement]: PDF Flipbook annotation alignment for RTL mode
    [Improvement]: LightBox Examples added
    [Fixed]: CSS load Fixes for IE

    11/06/2016 - Version 1.1.2
    [New Feature]: Light-box mode added
    [Improvement]: jQuery Flipbook - Examples

    05/06/2016 - Version 1.1
    [New Feature]: Better Responsive structure with Single Page Mode
    [New Feature]: RTL mode
    [New Feature]: Flip Sound
    [New Feature]: PDF Flipbook - download option
    [Improvement]: Smart Fallback to HTML5 Flipbook
    [Improvement]: Better Icons

    21/04/2016 - Version 1.0

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