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Cookie Compliancy For WordPress

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This Plugin provides you with a way to allow users to opt-in to using cookies. If they accept cookies then all of the cookie-restricted JavaScript will be included and any future page loads will include the JavaScript. If they do not the JavaScript will not be included.


  • Three different colour variations (orange, blue and black).
  • A light and dark theme for each colour.
  • Position on the right or left.
  • Define your own text, cookie name and animation times.
  • Include all your cookie-related JavaScript in one field in the wordpress admin and this will be included once cookies have been accepted.
  • Automatically opt users in to cookies, or make it opt-in.
  • Over 15 configuration options, all editable via the wordpress admin interface.
  • Easy install, upload one ZIP or upload one folder via FTP and you’re read.
  • Easy to use admin interface, see the screenshots for more details!

Does this affect you?

It will affect almost every website that operates within the EU. This is not restricted to EU-only domains such as .fr, .uk and .de but any website that operates in the EU. Even if your website is based in the US, on a .com domain, but offers services to people in Europe your website must comply with this law.

In Europe there is a new law coming into effect that governs how cookies can be used on websites. Essential cookies, such as ones used in shopping carts, are fine however if you use any form of non-essential cookie on your website you must first gain permission before activating those non-essential cookies.

For example, if your website uses any form of analytical tracking such as Google Analytics or ad scripts like Google AdSense you will need to gain consent from the user before tracking them. While this is somewhat up in the air at the moment, with no-one really knowing what is allowed and what is not, it’s best to be on the safe side as there are potentially hefty fines for website owners who do not adhere to the law.

For a detailed overview of the law and for further guidance, you can visit

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to get in contact either via a comment or via my page!