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Advanced Post Tags Widget – WordPress Plugin

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This is an advanced widget that gives you control to the output of your post_tag.
Support multiwidget, resizeable post tags featured image, sorting and ordering, easy to customize and full features.
Displays a list of post tags as links. When a post tag link is clicked, all the posts in that post tag will be displayed on a with the
appropriate post tag template dictated by the template hierarchy rules.

Key Features & Options

Title, for the widget title
Tag Title, option for displaying or hide the post tag
Description, option for displaying or hide the post tag description
Order, ascending or descending.
Orderby, name, name, ID, term group and slug.
Thumbnail, enable or disable the pages featured image
Thumbnail Height & Width, easy featured images resizing using Timthumb
Include & Exclude, for including or excluding selected page(s).
Search, for searching post tag
Feed, for tag feed
Feed Type, atom, rdf, rss and rss 2.0
Feed Image, custom image url for post tag feed
Description for Title, post tag link alternate text
Show Count, display total post number
Hide Empty, hide the empty post tag
Intro & Outro Text, if you want to add additional text or HTML.
Custom Style & Script, if you want to add additional CSS style or javascript per given widget class.

Changes Log

1.0. Initial Release
1.1. Fix CSS conflict