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ACF Tooltip Helper

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Improve your admin by converting ACF description fields into nice tooltips!

Did you ever wanted to add a longer description text but without cluttering the UI? Now you can convert them into discrete tooltips.


  • Incredible easy instalation: upload, activate and you’re done!
  • Powerful options (built with ACF!) to change colors and icons;
  • You can convert either all description fields or only some;
  • “Magic strings” that will be replaced with site or theme URL (useful to display images into tooltips);
  • Developer filters to customize tooltip code and “Magic Strings”;
  • Compatible with WPML (via string translation plugin);
  • Works with both ACF Free and ACF Pro.
  • NO Javascript! This means that the plugin won’t have any impact on your admin loading or parsing performance!
  • This item is 100% GPL, so you can include it in your premium theme, plugin or whatever premium product you have without having to wory about any legal stuff!


Feb, 10 2017
  - Tooltip is now compatible with ACF Frontend!
Oct, 3 2016
  - Initial Release